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Client List

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Case, CEO of AOL.

Katherine Harris, former Secretary of State Florida

Frank Mars, CEO Mars CandyCorp.

Senator William Cohen, US Senate Retired

Senator William Frist, US Senate Retired

Ted Coppel, News Anchor Retired

Russ and Norma Ramsey, CEO RAM Corp.

Sugar Ray Leonard, former middleweight Champion

Actress Linda Carter and Robert Altman

Mr. Thomas Sullivan, CEO Tele Corp PCS

Brigadier General James Hecker, US Air Force Retired

Liljenquist and Beckstead Jewelers, Tysons Corner, VA

Seyfeddin and Marina Roustamov, Russian Oil tycoon

Rody Mody, CEO Signal Corp.

Embassy of England

Embassy of Hungary

Embassy of Qatar

Embassy of Tanzania

North Lobby of the U.S. Treasury Deptartment

Hitt Construction, presidents home

Carnegie Library, restoration

St Elizabeth’s Hospital

New Homeland Security Offices

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