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We believe the beauty of architecture is in its details. 

From New England to Florida we have expressed and delivered the love of details to some of the nations finest homes.  Our exquisite interiors are statements of luxury and style, our clients demand only the best for their homes and we proudly give that to them consistently.


Ornamental Plaster Works takes great pride in our 35 years designing and manufacturing the area’s finest plaster mouldings.

Our work spans from residential and commercial to historic preservation. We create fine plaster mouldings for any application. Our firm will design, manufacture and install the details that the world loves to see.


As you navigate through our site you will see how wonderful richly carved plaster ornament is and how it can enrich the beauty of your home. 


As you navigate through our site you will see a number of things that may interest you. Ceilings, Mantles, Door pediments etc.

Most items can be adjusted to accommodate specific requirements. Our in house designs can also guarantee the fit.

Please feel free to contact us: 

703.665.9750  |



Jeff Schardt 

President, CEO

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